Plum dough cake

Next to the pumpkin, the plums are fighting their way to first place. Have you already baked with them, made jame or eaten them a natura?
The plum dough cake with curd is particularly juicy and easy to digest.

For baking I used the tarte pan of the Selection line from Städter. I painted them very thin with vegetable oil – the baking result with these products is really great. After baking, normally it’s enough to it clean with hot water. Be careful not to scratch the pan.

And already it’s your turn,
I am happy seeing your results soon.
From my bakery all the best,

yours Gaumenschmaus

Preparation time: 30 min + 45 min baking time


250 g curd cheese
110 ml whole milk
80 ml rapeseed oil
100 g brown sugar
500 g smooth wheat flour
1 pkg baking powder
1 Msp. cinnamon


100 g plum jam
3 tbsp grated almonds
1 tsp cinnamon

1 egg for brushing


For the curd dough, put all ingredients (except flour and baking powder) in a large bowl and mix with a whisk. Add baking powder and flour little by little, finally knead everything together to a smooth dough (I still prefer the hand technique – here you have better instinct).

Mix jam, cinnamon and almonds in a bowl. Roll out the dough on a floured work surface approx. 55×45 cm, spread both halves of the dough evenly with the existing mixture, then roll up into a dough roll. Cut lengthwise with a knife and cord the strands. Place the plait in the slightly oiled tart tin formed into a wreath – brush with the whisked egg and bake in the preheated oven at approx. 170 degrees hot air for approx. 40 minutes until golden brown.


In joyful cooperation with Städter!

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