Falafel with carrots

The best homemade falafels – sesame falafel with carrots! I finally had time to shoot them and can finally share them with you. Some days ago, i asked you, if you ever done falafel by yourself, the majority was for no. This has to be changed as soon as possible, i think. I can reassure you, falafels are really completely uncomplicated and very quick to make. If you don’t love carrots, just replace them with chickpeas.

If you have not time for preparing salad, avocado, some yogurt, herbs and creamy hummus also tastes well. Would be happy, if you share your results on Instagram with #teamgauumenschmaus

yours Gaumenschmaus

Preptime: 40 minutes

100 g carrots
220 g cooked chick peas
60 g black sesame seeds
60 g wheat flour
2 tablespoons lemon oil (alternative: rapeseed oil)
salt / pepper / thyme

vegetable oil for frying


Cut off the ends of your carrots, wash well and cut them into cubes. Mix the carrots and chickpeas in your blender. Add sesame seeds, flour, oil and spices – mix homogeneously.

With slightly moistened hands form 12 balls of equal size, heat oil in a saucepan (the balls should not float in the saucepan, max. half of them should be covered with fat).
Fry the falafel all around for approx. 3-4 min over moderate heat.

Fits to salad or as me today – enjoy simply with some rucola, yogurt, avocado and humus.


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