violet potatoes and bacon

How do you like the color P U R P L E? I hate it on Outfits – but i love it on foods. Have you ever tried purple potatoes ? These potatoes are available in a low percentage set next to the original potatoes, so we should make them tasty for our moments of pleasure. Next to pumpkin, purple potatoes are a real colour boost in the kitchen. They taste especially good as a potato side dish with salad, BBQ, all kinds of meat & fish.

The preparation is about to cook and to roast them. That’s it? That’s exactly the way it is. I would also recommend my delicious BBQ sauce, scroll down and get the link for this recipe.

Yours gaumenschmaus

Preparation time: 30 min

1 kg purple potatoes
300 g breakfast bacon
BBQ Sauce

little rapeseed oil


Cook the purple potatoes in water for 20 minutes until soft. Then cut in half, quarter if necessary. Wrap each piece of potato in a bacon roll. Fry the pieces crispy all around in a little oil.

Serve in salad nest / as sidedish.


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