Avocado Pasta

We scream “ALL PASTA”. Our pasta attachments from Kenwood are currently in mood. I swear weekly. The feedback from family and friends is only positive and i am still full of joy myself – finally having created the perfect recipe for pasta dough.

Are you pasta fans too?  Sometimes there are times when we have to fill our sugar levels quickly. Because we were busy with our work. Because we did sports before lunch. Because we won’t cook? No Worries. There are also sauces that don’t even have to be cooked. So this avocado cream made from avocados, olive oil, pistachios and lemon. With the Kenwood Multi-Shredder it’s no problem and as you can see – I don’t use it just in the sweet kitchen. The shredder was also used for pesto’s and fillings for hearty dumplings and much more.

Have fun with this recipe and enjoy,
yours gaumenschmaus

Preparation time: 30 min

500 g homemade pasta (basis dough)
4 avocados
juice from 1 lemon
80 ml olive oil
1 handful of salted pistachios
1 handful of fresh herbs (basil, thyme, oregano…)


Cook the pasta al dente. Peel avocados – mix them together with lemon juice, olive oil, pistachios and spices in a multi chopper. Mix with the pasta and serve immediately.

Tip: Match with tomato and/or green salad.


Joyful cooperation with Kenwood!

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